HLJ introduces 6-inch vertically integrated VCSEL production line, including wafer EPI, chip process and reliability test

HLJ Technology announces the completion of the 6-inch VCSEL wafers/ chips fabrication line and further strengthens its capability for mass production of VCSEL wafers/ chips to meet the needs of customers worldwide.


Thanks to rapidly increasing demand of VCSEL (vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser) utilized for industrial, medical, communication and consumer electronics applications over the world. HLJ, well known as the sensor supplier, has planned to expand the capacity by building a new 6-inch production line. Its 2-, 4-inch line capacity is expected to fulfill the needs of low power sensor for worldwide customers soon. Therefore, the construction of a new 6-inch VCSEL production line completed since the end of 2018, is going to provide different types of VCSELs in a stable and large quantity for other 3D sensing and automotive applications. HLJ will continue to develop new process technologies based on existing ones with a newly completed production line and gradually add bottleneck tools/ equipment depending on the market demand to fulfill needs of customers. In addition to developing its own brand products, HLJ can also provide one-stop-shop ODM and OEM services for customers. HLJ is ready to make great strides towards the goal of becoming a top tier VCSEL manufacturer.