Main Functions of Each Department/Office

    Main Functions
    Chairman Office
    • Assisting the board of directors and the chairman to perform various business supervisions, in order to achieve the Company's overall operational goals.
    General Manager Office
    • 1.Assisting the general manager in various business promotion and supervising the business execution of each department.
    • 2.Industry information collection and project management.
    • 3. Investor relationship management and corporate governance promotion.
    Audit office
    • Assessing the efficiencies of the Company's internal control system, evaluating the overall operational efficiency, and providing timely suggestions, in order to ensure the continuous and effective implementation of the internal control system. Being responsible on the proposal and execution of annual audit plans, reporting regularly to the independent directors, and reporting at the board of directors meetings.
    Legal & Human Resource Department
    • 1.Legal affairs and intellectual property management, operation-related laws and regulations compliance and risk control.
    • 2.Responsible for stock affairs, board of directors and shareholders meeting planning and execution.
    • 3.The implementation of human resource planning, salary and welfare, education and training, performance appraisal, etc.
    R&D Department I
    • Setting up advanced epitaxial goals, and performing development, design, implementation and management for new products & technologies with high demand in the market.
    R&D Department II
    • Setting up advanced process goals, and performing development, design, implementation and management for new products & technologies with high demand in the market.
    Product Marketing & Sales Department
    • 1. Marketing Section: Setting up sales goals and promoting for the Company's products, providing customer services, collecting information of the market and the competitors, managing/collecting account receivables, and conducting export custom declaration.
    • 2. Product Development Section: Customized product production, new product definition & case opening, new process technology development and design, customer technical communication, competitive product analysis, special project execution.
    Epitaxy Department
    • 1.Production Section: Carrying out the production plans as scheduled, and achieving mass production goals & yield rate optimization.
    • 2.Facility Section: Conducting assessment, repairment & maintenance of production line equipments, and organizing expansion plans.
    Manufacturing Department (I and II)
    • 1.Performing production operations, planning and management for each processing step.
    • 2.Improvement of production yield and capacity , production line abnormalty handling and analysis, organization of manufacturing-related documents, maintenance of production machines, parameters testing and Machine Buy-Off.
    • 3.Transf of new product manufacturing process and improvement of product manufacturing process abnormality.
    Quality Assurance Department
    • 1.Implementing quality policy of the Company, ensuring the execution of the quality system, and performing audit/enhancement of the quality operations.
    • 2.Providing advices on quality assurance, assisting other departments to implement quality assurance works, promoting activities & trainings on quality control, in order to provide the most satisfactory services to the clients.
    Production Plan & Control Department
    • Precise control on delivery date arrangement, coordination with the production/sales related departments, arrangement/control on production schedules, formulation of material plans, outsourcing management, and warehouse control & management.
    Procurement Department
    • Making inquiries with qualified suppliers and performing supplier-management; purchasing raw materials, fixed assets and consumables & goods for maintenance based on manufacturing needs, declaring import customs, and collecting information on market prices in order to lower purchase costs for the Company.
    Finance Department
    • Comprehensively manage the execution of the Company's financial, accounting, tax planning and other operations, in order to achieve the Company's operational goals.
    Administration Department
    • 1.Being responsible for various general affairs of the Company, and the management/maintenance of the fixed assets.
    • 2.Assessing, enhancing, repairing and maintaining the production line equipments.
    • 3.Various environmental protection practices, in order to comply with environmental protection laws and regulations.
    Occupational Safety Office
    • In accordance with the occupational safety regulations, it is responsible for the occupational safety business planning, implementation and promotion of occupational safety and health management matters, and guiding and assisting relevant departments in their implementation, in order to meet the requirements of labor safety laws and the competent authority.
    Information Technology Department
    • 1.Information equipment assessment, host and storage equipment maintenance, system monitoring and troubleshooting, network and information equipment maintenance, and maintenance of information security operations.
    • 2.System integration and introduction, ERP and other project planning and execution, application system integration, assistance and exception handling.
    • 3.The maintenance and management of the information security system.