Internal Audit


    • There are two full time employees dedicated to audit office, including one manager and one staff, directly under the board of directors. The appointment and removal of the internal audit manager shall be in accordance with laws and regulations, and approved by the audit committee, then through the board of directors’ resolution; furthermore, the appointment, removal, evaluation, salary and remuneration of the internal audit staff shall be proposed to the board of directors, or the internal audit manager shall propose to the chairman for approval.
    • The main functions of audit office are evaluating and checking the efficiency of internal control system, operation performance, accuracy of financial reports and compliance of government regulations. Also, audit office shall provide suggestions to ensure the various internal systems are sustainable.

    Business Responsibilities

    • Draw up an annual audit plan based on the results of risk assessment, including items that should be audited every month, and fully implement the annual audit plan. Check the internal control system, attach working papers and related materials to make an audit report.
    • After the audit report and the follow-up report are approved, such reports shall be delivered to independent director for review by the end of the next month after the date of completion of the audit project.
    • The internal auditors uphold the spirit of detachment and independence, and shall always keep being objective and fair when perform their duties. They shall regularly report to independent director, and in addition, the audit manager shall attend the board of directors for reporting.