Employee Benefits

HLJ embraces human-based management. We offer comprehensive benefits. It is our goal to attract and continuously cultivate talents of various kinds. Working with HLJ in a pleasant environment, you will have unlimited opportunities to explore yourself.


• Competitive salary packages;
• Performance bonuses based on business operation conditions;
• Employee stock options at capital increase and employee stock warrants;

Employee Welfare:

• HLJ Employee Welfare Committee: Responsible for various employee activities such as birthday party, company travel, year-end dinner, etc.;
• Comprehensive types of insurance protection including labor, healthcare, and group insurance, fully subsidized by HLJ;
• Marriage, fertility, or condolence allowances;
• Gift allowances for the Labor Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, and Employee birthdays;
• Employee restaurant;
• Employee health examinations;
• Paternity Leaves;
• Contractual shops/stores of special offers;