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    H:High Quality / High Efficacy / High Performance
      ( 高品質 / 高效能 / 高性能)
      (雷射 )
    J:Just Do the Right Thing!Just Do It!

    HLJ was established in 2001. Through many years of devotion in the field of VCSEL technologies, HLJ has grown into a full-fledged professional manufacturer of photoelectric semiconductors with several breakthroughs in the manufacturing processes. By owning the most advanced technics from the upper stream of MOCVD epitaxy, to the middle stream of chip processes, HLJ is always in the leading position of the industry. Furthermore, HLJ is one of the few companies in Taiwan with in-house independent R&D, mass production manufacturing and reliability analyses capabilities.

    Having the strongest management team with ultimate ambitions to constantly innovate and adapt to changes, HLJ Technology Company strategizes on developing the best VCSEL structures with self-owned MOCVD and state-of-the-art process know-hows to meet the market demands on product reliability and specifications. HLJ works closely with IC designers in joint product development, and actively conducts international deployment, in order to realize the vision as becoming one of the leading VCSEL manufacturing companies in the world.

Spirit and Core Value



    HLJ technology team consists of experts from internationally well-known universities, such as National Taiwan University, National Chiao Tung University, Cheng Kung University, National Central University, and National Chung Hsing University etc., with masters’ degrees above and years of related industry experience. In the areas of epitaxial growth, chip processes, and characteristic measurement & analysis, we are professionally mature. While facing intense competitions from high-tec companies, HLJ is able to control new product launch schedules, independently from traditional licensing procedures.


    In HLJ, technological innovation is the source of growth. We pursue to be creative in strategic planning, marketing, know-hows, manufacturing, and management. The industry of Group III-V compound semiconductors is heavily dependent upon the caliber of new product R&D. With fast-changing nature of the markets and customer likenesses, in addition to refining our R&D segments, we are devoted to technological innovations with the spirit and practice of Excellency at the heart of our employees to continuously improve HLJ’s core competency.


    Gaining insights into market opportunities in the areas of VCSEL applications to improve product performance, HLJ expands in marketing and broadens the sales of niche markets.


    HLJ's staff is energetic and active. We upholds positive attitude to respond efficiently to the fast-changing nature of the markets.


    HLJ's persistence in innovation and creativity enables us to improve professionalism and competitiveness.


    With the attitudes of sincerity and pragmatism, HLJ takes prompt actions to integrate resources to meet customers' needs while marching toward success.