Company Profile

    •    Date of Incorporation: 17 Jan 2001.
    •    Location: Hsinchu Taiwan.
    •    Chairman: Ted Lee
    •    No. of Employees: Approximately 270.
    •    Primary Technology: MOCVD epitaxial growth of VCSEL semiconductors and fabrication processes.
    •    Main products: 850nm, 940nm, and 680nm VCSEL.
    •    Applications: Proximity Sensor,TWS (True wireless stereo), gesture recognition, optical sensor , TOF (Time of flight), laser monitor,automotive long distance night vision surveillance system, high-speed optical fiber communication, and optical communication.


    •    Believing in constant innovation, HLJ never gives up;
    •    Delivering world-class products and services;
    •    Becoming the leading manufacturer of the photo-electronic laser industry;
    •    Persisting on Research & Development;
    •    Enabling sustainable operation through trust and sharing;


Competition Advantages

    •    Flexible: With up-stream Epi wafer production know-hows, HLJ is able to accommodate itself to the client needs.;
    •    Integration: Consolidating the entire process chains, HLJ owns comprehensive manufacturing lines.
    •    Application:Per Working closely with market IC designers, HJL strives to develop products that meet the end user's needs.